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Lady Phoenix 2023
Become a Lady Phoenix. Tryouts to be Announced soon.
  • What should I bring to the audition?       A towel, water, and pom-poms (color doesn't matter). If you don't have any from previous teams, you can use the ones provided when performing for the judges. 

  • What should I wear?                                 You should be "game day" ready, meaning make-up and hair done (worn down), looking as you would for a game. You may wear cheer or dance attire that you feel comfortable performing in, along with cheer, jazz, or dance shoes.  Colors you should wear are any of the team colors which are: orange, black, white. 

  • Should I have material prepared? Because we will not be doing across the floor judging, four 8-counts of the dance will be used for you to showcase any special skills.  You don't have to have anything formally choreographed if you don't want, but this would be the time to freestyle any technical skills ( i.e. beautiful high kicks, leaps, turns, gymnastics/tumbling, etc.)

  • What should I expect during the audition process?                                        We will start with registration and individual stretching. You will then learn a short dance routine.  You will then get time to rehearse what you've learned, as well as warm-up your individual material. You will then audition for the judges. 

  • Will I be compensated for being on the team?                                                         There is no compensation, but there are great perks which include: Commissions from sponsorships you bring in and possibly other things throughout the season. 

  • What about uniforms, pom poms, etc.? We will have a uniform and pom poms that the organiza-on rents to you. You must provide your own shoes and matching skin color nylons.

  • Am I required to bring in sponsors or sell tickets?

    No, absolutely not. Sponsors and donations help the organization significantly, but recruiting is encouraged, not mandatory. Again, if you do bring sponsors in, you will make a commission, and for them their donation is tax deductable.

  • When and where will the practices and games be?

    Practices will be set on Thursday evenings and the football games are on Saturdays. We will also have some appearances and/ or performances within the community on some Saturdays as well.

  • When will practice start and when is our First game?

    Practices will begin April 19th and our 6rst game will be in August.

    If you have any other questions, feel free to email me at

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