High Desert Phoenix Staff  (Everyone are volunteers)

HDPhoenix Owner Norma Cook
Owner Norma Cook with Championship Ring
Owner Ms. Cook
"The Longest Tenured Hispanic Female Semi-Pro Football Owner in the USA and Possibly the World.
13 Years Owner, 15 Years in Semi-Pro Football!!!!!

I Established The High Desert Phoenix in Feb. 2009

"We Volunteer our time to help our Players, and our Communities. "

I created the High Desert Phoenix in 2009, to help talented, Athletic Football Players, sharpen their skills to perhaps pursue a Higher Level of Football, and also for them to help volunteer their time for various Charities throughout our Communities.

I was a High School Coach, and then a Concert Promoter, and then became an Owner of a Semi-Pro Football Team, the High Desert Phoenix which really reflex's my personality of rebirth.

To date, I am the longest lasting Hispanic Owner in the United States, going on 13 years. I have a total of 15 years in Semi-Pro. I am very proud of the work that I have accomplished, but could not have done it, without the wonderful Volunteers that I have had for the Phoenix throughout the years. Many Players, and Staff, come and go, but never think, that I do not appreciate the time, and effort each one of them has put into our program, and glad to see the Phoenix made a huge part of their growth in life, and in our society. 

It was a previlage to be part of the PCFC League, but we ventured out and became members of the West Coast Football League for the 2021-2022 Season. I am now also the Secretary for the WCFL. My 3rd League as a Board member, and League Secretary.

We could not have done what we have done so far without the numerous Sponsors, and Fans we have had. Thank you so much. 

I am Proud of the level of Coaches, and Athletes we have, and continue to add to our Roster. We are truly Blessed.

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Head Coach Jared Law
Head Coach/OC Coach J. Law  
He has a resume of experience in Semi-Pro from the Korean NFL from 2014-2016, to the Watertown Red and Black Semi-Pro Team in New York. He was a Player, Offensive Coordinator and Head Coach. Coach Law was a Captain in the Army and works for a Government Contractor. He has numerous impressive goals, and one of them is, to create an unstoppable, talented Semi-Pro Football Team. Coach Law became the Head Coach of the Phoenix since 2020. 
Coach Jared Law as an Army Captain
Coach Matt
Asst. Head Coach and Defensive Coordinator Matt Connolly
He's BACK!!!!!

Update to come soon.
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Offensive Coordinator
Coach Ron

Update with information and Photo coming soon. 
OL/DL Coach Rick Smith

Coach Rick has been with the Phoenix as a Player since 2021. He is now our OL/DL Coach for the 2022 Season. Coach Rick has had numerous Semi-Pro experience for many years. He leads with knowledge, and patients, to help our lines become the best they can be. 
Coach Joey Whiting
Dr. Zhang

HDP Team Medic
Dr. Peter Zhang 

  • Peter Zhang MD MPH, FAAFP CAQSM

    Dr. Peter Zhang is a board-certified family medicine and sports medicine

    physician. Serving all ages from pediatrics to seniors, his special interests

    are in sports injury, musculoskeletal conditions, men and women’s

    preventive health, family planning, and integrative medicine with a focus

    on chronic and complex diseases.

    Dr. Zhang’s passion for sports medicine includes caring for all athletes

    whether it be football, soccer, mixed martial arts, or e-sports; he believes

    that from world-class Olympians to the everyday athlete, each athlete

    deserves personalized care to fit the needs of their chosen sport.

    Dr. Zhang was born in China and immigrated to the US at an early age. In

    college, he worked as a health worker in his college dormitory, and then as

    an MA at an upper extremity orthopedic clinic. From these experiences, he

    gained a deep appreciation for the invaluable services and impact that

    physicians can offer to people of all ages and backgrounds through sound

    medical advice, education, and reassurance.

    As a family medicine physician with special training in sports medicine, his

    goal is to provide comprehensive and personalized care to all his patients.

    Before joining AVORS and Family First medical group, Dr. Zhang received a

    BA degree in Biology from University of California, Berkeley, a medical

    degree from University of Maryland, a master’s degree in public health

    from Columbia University, family medicine training from University of

    California, Riverside in Palm Springs, and sports medicine training from

    University of Texas, Rio Grande Valley.

  • In addition, Dr. Zhang has worked with athletes at the high school, Division-

    1 collegiate and professional levels.

    Dr. Zhang is bilingual in English and Chinese.

    During his free time, he enjoys painting, photography, archery, and hiking.

    Treating common musculoskeletal and sports injuries:

    ACL / PCL injuries

    Ankle Sprains

    Arthritis of upper and lower extremities

    Back Pain

    Carpal tunnel

    Cubital tunnel



    Dupuytren’s tenosynovitis


    Golfer's elbow

    Knee injuries

    Meniscal injuries

    Pain along the shin bone

    Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome

    Plantar fasciitis

    Rotator Cuff and Shoulder Labral tears

    Sprains and strains

    Swollen muscles

    Tennis elbow

    Trigger finger and thumb

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        April Jenkins
Event Coordinator Alexis Howard
Event Coordinator
   Alexis Howard
             Positions available. 
Board President                              April Jenkins
Board Vice President                      Tony Reece
Secretary                                          Wendye Castile
Cheerleading Director                     TBA
Event Coordinator                           Alexis Howard
Photographer                                   April Jenkins
Videographer/Photographer           Nickolaus Trigueiro
Asst. Game Videographer               Ms. Michelle 
Asst. Videographer/Photographer Mr. Justin B.          
Team Medic                                      TBA
Water Crew Girl                                Brielle M. 
Team Yoga Instructor                      Mrs. Chrstina
Game Announcer                             Dave Stowe                       
Score Board Operator                     Donald Bakeman
Home Game DJ                                David T. 
Gate Asst.                                         TBA
Chain Gang and Ball Holder           Steve Thomas
Game Asst.              
Concessions                                    Wendye 
Asst. Concessions
Asst. Concessions
Asst. Concessions
Asst. Concessions
Contact us to become a volunteer at 661--524-6029. Thank you

Vice President Tony Reece
Vice President 
Tony Reece 
Team Secretary Wendye Castle
Team Secretary
Wendye Castle 
Coach Stowe, and Coach Guillory
Coach Dave Stowe,
and Coach KG
Nickolaus Trigueiro
HDP Photographer Justin Brown 2021.png


       Nickolaus Triguerio
YoungVisual Productions
Mr. Justin B. 
Steve and Lisa Thomas
Lisa and Steve
Thomas Volunteers
Asst. Coach Donald Bakeman
Score Board Operator
    Donald Bakeman
High Desert Phoenix First Yoga Instructo
Christina on the first Phoenix Yoga Clas
HDP Yoga Instructor Ms. Christina
HDP Water Crew Brielle
Water Crew Girl